Annual Report
For Period June 2016 - May 2017
President: Kwok-Chern Yew Tee
Vice-President: Robert Lum Siew Loke
Secretary: Germaine Tan
Treasurer: Won Kum Heng
Committee: Chris Chan Wei Keh, Ho Soh Li, Chiang Ching Shan Sally & Tan Koon Poh
Full time staff: Ho Soh Li
Internal Auditors: Philip Liau Kok Pang & Andrew Tan Hock Choon
2.1 PPCSS is a voluntary, non-profit organization registered in December 2000.  We are a full member of the National Council of Social Services and a Family Life Ambassador. 
2.2 Our Focus is to:
Enrich the emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social and physical well-being of Children and Youth
Enhance the building of strong family foundations and cohesiveness
Enable the needy through relief programs and services, as well as encouraging social interaction and a healthy lifestyle
3.1 Royal Rangers
Royal Rangers is an international leadership and enrichment program for children/youth ages 5 to 17. Regular activities are held every Saturday, 3 pm to 5 pm. Dedicated leaders, called commanders, provide boys and girls the necessary mentoring and facilitate the program of each weekly meeting.  From the youngest age group of Ranger Kids (5-7 years old) to the oldest group of Expedition Rangers (15-18 years old), a child is encouraged to take up leadership roles and there are frequent opportunities to attend exciting camping, outdoor adventure as well as indoor activities catered to the varying needs of the different ages and personality of children. In the reporting year, the number of children attending the program has increased to 50 per week. 
Special events included: 
-  23 to 24 Jul 2016.  Missions Trip to Tanjong Pinang where our Rangers participated in the Sports Day organised by Yayasan.
-  7 to 10 Dec 2016.  Camporama held at Christchurch Secondary School. It was attended by 110 participants. Overall response and feedback from parents were positive.
-   27 to 29 May 2017.  RR Camp held at Breakthrough Missions. There were about 40 participants and the rangers had a chance to learn useful skills such as groceries shopping and cooking their own meal.
3.2 Counselling Services
We offer counselling services to those who need someone to talk to in their life journey. Our services are non-chargeable for 1st five sessions. For the reporting year, we have 4 new cases and 3 from the previous year called through Potter’s Place. For these 7 cases, we involved a total of 6 counselors and a supervisor. The services rendered had definitely helped most clients to grow in the areas they had come to seek help. 
At the time of reporting, we have a strength of 13 counselors who continue to attend a 2-hour fortnightly supervision classes facilitated by Danny Ho, the supervisor. During supervision, cases were discussed (without clients’ names being mentioned to ensure confidentiality) to empower and affirm counselors. They are also trained on different modalities of counseling and do role play to gain more confidence in managing the cases.
We have closed 3 cases in the past year, leaving us with 4 cases involving 4 counselors and the supervisor. 
3.3 Legal Counselling Services
We continue with our Free Legal Counselling (FLC) every 2nd Thursday of the month.  
We were registered as an Approved Pro Bono Work with the Singapore Institute of Legal Education (SILE) on 27.8.2014 in their Pro Bono Programme for Law Students.  
Law students from NUS and SMU attend at our premises to assist in FLC and Pro Bono Legal Clinic (PBC) which was started in December 2014 (on the Monday following FLC) to undertake simple legal work such as writing appeals, mitigation pleas and filling out court forms. 
The average number of applicants per month for FLC is 6-8 while that of PBC is 2 (the maximum no. for each session).    
3.4 Morning Exercise @ Casa Clementi
To promote a healthy lifestyle in the community, we conducted a morning exercise program every Friday, 7.30 am to 8.30 am at Block 420A Roof Garden, Clementi Ave 1. The program is well received and we have an average of 35 participants per session. Several events have also been organized for the participants to bond. Most of these events are held at the Casa Clementi RC Office as it is more accessible for the residents.
On 16th September 2016, we organized a Heart talk conducted by the National Heart Foundation and a cooking demonstration for the residents. 
On 28th October 2016, Morning Exercise @ Casa Clementi celebrated our 4th anniversary at Casa Clementi RC with 35 attendees. There was a short sharing on PPCSS, some games as well as handicraft work. 
On 23rd December 2016, we organized a pot-luck party at the RC Office to celebrate Christmas. 
On 3rd February 2017, we had a New Year Celebration at Casa Clementi RC Office.
On 19th May 2017, we organized a Parents Day event which had 54 participants including volunteers. 17 of them were from our free hair cut group and they mingled very well.
3.5 Free Hair Cut
The aim is to provide free hair-cuts for the old folks staying in the rental blocks of 419 and 422, Casa Clementi, who are wheelchair-bound or who have difficulty in walking. It is held at the Casa Clementi RC Office every 3rd Tuesday of the month from 3.00 pm to 5.30 pm. We have a team of 4-6 hair stylists who volunteer their time for the hair-cut.
For the reporting period, we attended to around 30-45 clients per session.
3.6 Welfare Assistance Scheme
In this scheme, we assist the needy by providing financial aid as well as information on other assistance schemes available from government & welfare agencies.
For the reporting year, a total of $12,044.85 was disbursed to 9 beneficiaries. Currently, there are 9 beneficiaries with a monthly disbursement of $1,040.
In the past year, we have recruited more new befrienders from EL and now we have a total of 29 befrienders. Currently, all our beneficiaries have been assigned befrienders.
3.7 Seminars, Talks & Workshops
We conducted seminars, talks and workshops that addressed the issues on children and youth, family relationships and topics of general interest to the community. 
Calendar of events held during the year:
- 1st September 2016 “Raising Confident and Responsible Children with Initiative” seminar in Chinese. There were about 260 attendees.
- 19th November 2016 “教养儿童我行” parenting seminar in Chinese. The speaker was from Fei Yue and there were about 35 attendees and 3 volunteer helpers. 
3.8 Free Hearing Aids
This is a tie-up with a social entrepreneurial company, Clariti Hearing Pte Ltd. In the reporting year, we have one recipient who is using the free hearing aids. Regular follow ups with him are being carried out to ensure that he will be able to adjust to the hearing aids.
We still have 3 sets of hearing aids available and are open to more eligible applicants.
3.9 Free Tuition
In 2015, 5 students benefited from our free tuition programme and have ended their stint with us. We shortened each tutor’s term of commitment to 3 months (1 school term) so that we are also able to attract interested people who are unable to commit long term. After each school term, tutors have the option to decide if they want to continue or terminate their services. 
Currently, we have one tutor tutoring one student at PPCSS premises. There is also a request for tutors from a new family and we are still following up on it. 
4.1 Richard Koh, Annie Yeo and Derrick Hong resigned as members in the past year.
4.2 No. of Ordinary Members as at 31 May 2017: 21
No. of Volunteers as at 31 May 2017: 31
Reported by: Germaine Tan, Secretary