Annual Report



For Period June 2019 - May 2020



President: Robert Lum Siew Loke

Vice-President: Lim Ping

Secretary: Chris Chan Wei Keh

Treasurer: Won Kum Heng

Committee: Lim Kok Chieng, Steven Tang Mun Kit

Ad-hoc Kong Li Shin & Heah Yong Chian

Full-time staff: Ho Soh Li


Internal Auditors: David Tui and Peter Kwok


2.1 PPCSS is a voluntary, non-profit organization registered in December 2000. We are a full member of the National Council of Social Services and a Family Life Ambassador.

2.2 Our Focus is to:

Enrich the emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social and physical well-being of Children and Youth

Enhance the building of strong family foundations and cohesiveness

Enable the needy through relief programs and services, as well as encouraging social interaction and a healthy lifestyle

3. ACTIVITIES & PROGRAMS PPCSS actively supported different programs that were designed to enrich children and youth, enhance family cohesion and enable the needy between April 2019 to February 2020. Following the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, all program except select services that enable the needy e.g. Welfare  Assistance Scheme were put on hiatus from March 2020. The PPCSS Office has adopted telecommuting mode of operation and activities that involve mass participation will resume in tandem with the National DORSCON condition.

3.1. The Owl Plays. The reading program for children aged 4 to 8 years old was launched on 29 June 2019 with a total of 11 children and 20 volunteers. The program has an average weekly attendance of 4 children.

3.2. Royal Rangers. Royal Rangers is an international leadership and enrichment program for children/youth ages 5 to 17. From the youngest age group of Ranger Kids (5-7 years old) to the oldest group of Expedition Rangers (15-18 years old), a child is encouraged to take up leadership roles with frequent opportunities for dedicated leaders, called commanders to mentor them in exciting camping, outdoor adventure as well as indoor activities. Prior to their hiatus from February 2020, the Royal Rangers participated in (1) 3D2N Outpost camp between 1st – 3rd June 2019 with 42 campers, (2) Completed the Computer Merit between 29th June to 3rd August 2020 with 32 Rangers, (3) Embarked on a community building trip to Batam with 48 participants on 19th & 26th October and from 22nd & 24th November 2019, (4) and completed a course on making their own ‘Nerf” guns on 11th & 18th January and on 1st and 8th February 2020 with 30 Kids.

3.3. Counselling Services. We offer counselling services for those who need someone to talk to in their life journey. These services are non-chargeable for 1st five sessions. For the reporting year, we have 8 new cases and 9 from the previous year. We closed 5 cases leaving us with 11 cases carried over, there is 1 not assigned case. All cases were supervised by a consultant.

3.4. Legal Counselling Services. Our Free Legal Counselling (FLC) attended to 40 cases in the reporting year. The FLC is supported by 28 volunteers from the Singapore Institute of Legal Education (SILE) Pro Bono Program for Law Students. Each FLC session is supported by 4 volunteer students who assist in simple legal work such as writing appeals, mitigation pleas and filling out court forms.

3.5 Free Hair Cut. This free haircut service are meant for senior citizens staying in the rental blocks of 419 and 422, Casa Clementi, who are wheelchair-bound or who have difficulty in walking. The monthly service is supported by a team of 3 hair stylists who volunteer their time for the haircuts. For the reporting period, our volunteers attended to between 21-35 beneficiaries per session. On 17 December 2019, 40 of our beneficiaries were also blessed with Christmas gifts from PPCSS. This activity has been suspended since February 2020 due to COVID-19.

3.6 Welfare Assistance Scheme. This scheme assists the needy by providing financial aid as well as information on other assistance schemes available from government & welfare agencies. For the reporting year, a total of $10,720.00 (last year $11,209.10) was disbursed to 7 beneficiaries and supported by 11 voluntary befrienders who are assigned to look after the welfare of our beneficiaries.

3.7 Seminars, Talks & Workshops. A Holiday Chinese Reading Workshop was held on 22nd June 2019 for children between P1 to P6. The workshop was led by 4 volunteer teachers. It was attended by 15 children who accompanied by their parents/guardians.

3.8 Others.

3.8.1. PPCSS partnered with AGCSS for the latter’s “Love Our Neighbor” Campaign to distribute 600 pieces of “Love Our Neighbor” tote bags to participants of PPCSS’s activities. Each bag is filled with gift items sponsored by PPCSS. This project reflects the relationship between PPCSS and AGCSS, provides for a more targeted distribution rather than mass saturation. The distribution is expected to be completed by December 2020.

3.8.2. PPCSS established a COVID-19 Assistance Fund was established to provide temporary relief for those affected by the pandemic. The effort is to provide practical help i.e. food purchases and groceries instead of financial aid given the slew of cash-based COVID-19 relief measures dispensed by the government.


4.1. There are 19 Ordinary Members as of 31 May 2019.

4.2. There are 74 Volunteers as of 31 May 2019.

Reported by: Chris Chan Wei Keh, Secretary