Update of event

We would like to celebrate for a little girl success. She came to PPCSS for our tuition scheme in January 2017.

At the end of the year, her results were out, she got 1st in class. Both parents were very happy for her and 

very thankful to our devoted volunteer. This message is from the parents to our volunteer: "Hi teacher, thank

you so much for all your effort. You made my girl and us proud, all credits go to God and you. Thank you so

much for giving this feeling of achievement and making her school life in Singapre memorable and special

for her. Wherever we may go in future, we will always rememer you and this award. God bless you for all

your effort, care and love. God bless you and family."

Message for our volunteer: "Hi parents, I'm just a vessel to ignite the spark in your daughter to push her

to realise what she is capable of achieving. Without her own hard work n effort, I wouldn't be able to do

much, I'm very thankful to see her working hard, making both our efforts so worth it. I pray that she will

always remember this moment of glory n that in her own life journey, she will draw upon this memory to

remind her that she is capable of achieving much, I'm grateful that He has put us together in the last year

to have this memory n achieve this milestone."Our tuition scheme has ceased since December 2017.